How to Start an Online T-shirt Business

Let’s start by saying that it is not easy to build an online T-shirt business nowadays ,since a lot of companies have adopted this method in the last few years. But what can I guarantee is that this guide is the perfect opportunity to put your ideas to work.  One thing you should always bear in mind when you want to start your own business is  COMPETITION. You need to find the perfect combination between quality,originality and cost of the product so you can surpass the competition.  But, what is really the first step in starting an online company? Well, you should begin by asking yourself two questions :

How will my T-shirt be different from the other products on the market?

How to print and ship my T-shirts ?

In order to answer to these questions you need to know some of the keys to success that are indispensable when it comes to creating an online T-shirt company:

Niche  :  Picking a niche is the first step to climb the ladder of success. You need to keep in mind that there are more than thousands of websites selling T-shirts all over the world. So needless to say yours must be a really special one to customers . In order for people to buy it you must understand that choosing a focus group is the most important thing. What I really want to say is that you need to choose a certain group of interest, instead of trying to create something that will be bought by the entire population. For example if I want to create a T-shirt for teenagers I will choose a design that is  fashionable and funny because teenagers are more attracted to trendy designs than simple ones.

Design:   Here is all about you. You need to choose something that represents your personality but it also needs to connect with the customers you want to sell it. Think about what design would you like to buy? Find the perfect one and stand out in the crowd.  Here is a list of more than 50 mock-up templates both free and paid to begin your quest. Don’t forget to be original, you can create your own template with the help of this amazing website called Creative Market. You can also find  themes,fonts and a couple of add-ons that will look amazing on your T-shirt.

Online t-shirt businessIf you have no inspiration for design and you are willing to spend a little more money to create a brand you can always hire a designer. The perfect websites to look for your future employee are :  Dribbble , Freelancer ,Elancer .          Online T-shirt Business                                                                                                                              

Quality/Brand:    There is no need for me to explain this key to success. It is more than important for all the people to find and wear something that is sustainable .You need to guarantee your customers that your products are high quality T-shirts that can be worn more than once. The high quality of the T-shirts will help you in your quest of  fans and regular customers and in time your ”little company” will easily transform in a well known brand that is reliable. You can start thinking that it exists a very powerful link between Quality and Brand (the quality of your T-shirts has the power to transform your T-shirt into a brand that is searched ,popular and loved) . For more information to develop your company into a reliable brand you can take this amazing course held by Jeff Staple,Founder,Staple Design&Reed Space.Online T-shirt Business

Setting up shop/Printers&Dropshippers :   Well it seems you have all figured it out,but let’s not forget about setting up the shop so people can visit it and buy your T-shirts. In order to do so,the perfect tool is Shopify which is a very useful,handy and easy to use ecommerce platform that offers you a free 14 day trial to start your business,sign up here for the free trial .  Moreover Shopify has integrated a lot of printers/dropshippers that will print and ship your T-shirt every time a customer makes an order. Isn’t that amazing ? Check out this this Shopify printer/dropshippers apps : Print Aura , Printful ,  DynamicWear and find what fits best for your tees.Online T-shirt business

Advertising :   Advertising is vital for your brand because it allows people to find out about your amazing work . For starters, you can choose to advertise your T-shirts by using your personal social networks such as Facebook,Twitter etc  and by spreading the news to your friends and family. You can also join a huge community such as Reddit where you can find out the opinion of a thousand people concerning your line of business.For more information and marketing tips you can also check out the section ”How to sell online” on Shopify  , that allows you to become a master at online sales.

Now you are officially ready to start your own T-shirt brand and to let the world know your talent. Please keep in mind that the recipe of success is also made with a spice of inspiration and with a lot of dedication.