How to Choose the Perfect Eye Frame Design for Your Fashion Style

Choosing the right glasses frames: So, you finally found out that you need to wear glasses. Either that or you’re sick of wearing your grandfather’s old thick-rimmed glasses.

For one reason or another, you’re faced with the decision of what kind of glasses you should wear. Some glasses just fit a persons face like their eye color, other glasses stick out like sore thumbs. Either way, the glasses that you wear make up a part of your identity, so it’s kind of a big decision.

Before you make your decision, look over these tips for choosing eye frame designs.

Choosing Eye Frame Designs

There are basically two areas to consider when you are looking to find your long-term style of glasses: personal style and face shape.

The Shape of Your Face

In general, there are four kinds of glasses: heart or diamond shape, rounded, square, and oval. The kind of glasses you choose will be based on these shapes and how they work to fit your face.

These are going to be general rules, and we’ll account for personal style later on, but there is a general formula to which style of glasses will work with your face. Let’s go over that formula.

Heart or Diamond Frames

The heart or diamond shaped frames are going to fit a specific type of face. When we say heart or diamond, we mean this very generally. These lenses will come down to a sort of point at the bottom and angle out, rounding off at the top. It could also be said that these lenses are a sort of upside-down teardrop.

These lenses are fit for someone with a wider forehead and wider cheeks. Additionally, a narrow chin will also suit these lenses. You can kind of imagine it like this: the shape of the lens should generally mirror the shape of your head.

Rounded Frames

Rounded frames are going to be suited to someone with a rounded forehead, wide cheeks, and a rounded chin. Of course, your head doesn’t have to be perfectly round to wear rounded glasses! That being said, this general type of face is suited best for rounded glasses.

Square Frames

Check out square frames if your forehead is wide, your cheeks are wide, and your chin is wide. These are typically faces that come off as chiseled, strong, and bold. Someone with an angular and bold face will benefit from square lenses because they will complement the general shape of their face.

Oval Frames

Oval frames will be best for someone with a narrow chin, wide cheeks, and a narrow forehead. Again, you can see how this lens shape works when it adjusts to the general shape of the head.

Something to Note

This general formula doesn’t need to apply to just these styles of faces. Also, the terms “wide, rounded, and narrow” are very, very vague descriptions of faces. Telling someone that they have a wide forehead is probably not a good idea.

That being said, relatively speaking, there are very slight differences that will make a forehead wide or a chin narrow. Simply consider the dimensions of your face and try to imagine a lens that roughly matches. You’ll likely find that the lens you choose will be a good fit right off the bat.

Personal Style

Probably the more important of the two factors, personal style, will usually take precedence over facial dimensions. You want glasses that compliment your personality, spirit, and style, not ones that simply match the dimensions of your face.

Round, heart-shaped, square, and oval lenses are the general templates that most glasses rest on. That being said, there is a lot of variation possible with these things. You could even get lenses that are shaped like stars or elephants, or probably any other object.

If you’re considering getting something really abstract like this, remember that you will have to wear these whenever you aren’t wearing contacts. Your glasses build up a part of your identity, so be sure that you’re going to want wild glasses all of the time.

In general, heart or diamond shaped glasses reflect an air of levity, humor, and entertainment. They say that this person likes to have a good time, and will probably listen to what you have to say.

Rounded glasses are a bit more serious, reflecting a sort of concentration and interest in life’s finer things. They say that you are interested in things and will likely develop a great understanding of them. Essentially, they reflect a level of intelligence.

Square glasses give off another sort of seriousness. They reflect someone with integrity, concentration, intelligence, and wit. They have also begun to represent someone with a business mind, recently.

Finally, oval lenses are representative of something entirely different. There is a sort of quirk involved with oval lenses, one that says a lot about a person. They are an inviting lens in the sense that they make you seem as though you have a beautiful, unique, quality about you.

Who knows, start wearing some of these lenses and they might actually bring out those qualities in you. The first place you should start looking is Liingo Eyewear, that is, if you want to find something that speaks to you.


There is, of course, a wide variety in front of you when it comes to picking a color. The classic shade is black, but that is starting to change and various colors also represent different things. For a full understanding of those representations, you should read up on some color psychology.

Our recommendation is that you choose something that is bold, unique, and not too distracting. This typically comes in the form of a darkened, muted color. We also recommend that if you choose to branch out you should do it all the way. Find a color that suits you and own it.

Need Some Clothes to Match Your Lenses?

Once you get your eye frame design you’ll want to find some things to compliment it. Start considering which clothes will go well with your new look and why.

If you’re looking for any new t-shirts or trends to pair with your new shades, we have everything you need.