5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Okay, we’re just going to come right out and say it. Scarves have got to be the most versatile accessory around.

From the multitude of outfit combinations to the variety of styles, scarves are a must-have for the fashion-conscious consumer.

Let us show you why.

Five Ways to Wear the Most Versatile Accessory

Scarves aren’t just for keeping your neck cozy in winter.

A bright scarf can lift a dull outfit, and will add colors and patterns to your look that you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear on your clothing.

And with lots of different ways to tie your scarf and a multitude of uses, you’ll soon be saying that it’s the most versatile accessory in your closet too.

1. The Infinity (Scarf)

scarf fashion

If you want to add some color to a t-shirt and jeans combo but still want people to be able to read your funny slogan tee then this is the scarf-tying style for you.

First, you need to place the scarf around your neck and tie it at the very end, creating a large loop.

Twist the scarf so that it forms a figure eight and then place the lower circle around your head. Ta-da! A perfectly looped scarf that will stay in place all day, just like the infinity scarves worn by celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez.

2. The Vest (Scarf)

scarf fashion idea

One of the simplest ways to wear a long scarf is to let it hang loosely around your neck. But with some smart styling, you can turn this look into a colorful vest.

With the scarf around your neck and the ends hanging loose, tie a belt around your waist.

Loosen the scarf slightly above the belt and even out the ends to create the look of an original long-line printed vest.

3. The Bolero (Scarf)

bolero scarf look like

Scarves are also useful for using as a wrap when you get cold on a summer evening, or if you want to make a skimpy outfit a little more modest.

However, this bolero scarf goes one step further. Not only is it a beautiful scarf to wear around your neck, thanks to the original design of this versatile accessory, you also can wear it as a bolero to cover your arms and shoulders.

With this look, you’ll be feeling as regal as style princess Kate Middleton, who often combines a bolero with a summer dress.

4. The Double Pattern Loop (Scarf)

loop scarf

This style combines two scarves with complementary patterns to create a unique look. For example, you could combine a leopard print scarf, as worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Kate Moss, combined with a simple striped scarf.

Place your scarves on top of each other and fold them diagonally so that one pattern is inside and the other is outside. Place the scarves around your neck and loop them round once, pulling the ends around to the front.

Take the ends and twist them so that inside pattern is now at the front of the hanging ends. If you want zero effort and maximum effect, this is the look for you.

5. The Headband (Scarf)

winehouse scarf

Scarves can also look great worn around your head. And no, we don’t mean in the style of Karate Kid – although 80s looks are always coming back into fashion, so never say never.

We’re thinking more in the style of Amy Winehouse or everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen.

To wear your scarf as a headband, fold it lengthways to make it thinner. Then wrap it around your head and tie it so that it just covers your hairline. It should be sitting on top of your head but feel tight enough to stay in place.

Then tuck strands of hair from by your ears into the scarf so that the sides are then covered by hair. If necessary you can secure the scarf with bobby pins.

You can also experiment with other ways to wear a scarf in your hair, such as tied around your ponytail or wrapped tightly around your head.